Credit Compliance Pro

This all-in-one solution serves as a formal challenge to the completeness, accuracy, and compliance of the organization managing your credit information in accordance with the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act. It includes a request for access to your personal information and a withdrawal of consent for the reporting of this information to credit reporting agencies. Additionally, this solution instructs the organization to remove any unverifiable information that has been reported and to confirm the method of verification used. The letter also includes complaint escalation.  The organization is required to respond within 30 days.


  • Chronological sequence  clear writing style – no ‘legalese’ or formalisms
  • Templated Documents – Persuasive arguments & damages with legal requirements & consequences of fact.
  • Annotations to help you move forward – Reduce the need for outside counsel & second opinions
  • Compliance: Requirements including; rules for Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act and Consumer Reporting Act 
  • References to section of statutes & Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act and Consumer Reporting Act  – Simplifies researching particular legal points
  • MS Word templates are fillable, customizable, downloadable, and safe

A Must-Have for;

  • Small Claims Practitioners drafting case documents in any jurisdiction
  • Document-drafting Clerks
  • Self-represented litigants who need document-drafting assistance
  • Educational Institutions
Release date:January 27, 2023
Last updated:January 27, 2023
Current version:1.0
File format:ZIP
Price:$899.00 $499.00 CAD