Risk Management Pro

Handling complaints can be a source of stress and anxiety for legal professionals. However, with the help of Risk Management Pro, you can confidently address any complaints that may arise and safeguard your practice’s reputation. Risk Management Pro is an effective tool that helps assess and respond to complaints, allowing you to take a proactive approach to managing risk. Our system serves as a valuable resource for legal professionals looking to protect their practice. By utilizing our risk management product at the onset of a complaint, you can respond swiftly and efficiently, positioning yourself in a strong position.


  • Chronological sequence  clear writing style – no ‘legalese’ or formalisms
  • Templated Documents – Persuasive arguments & damages with legal requirements & consequences of fact.
  • Annotations to help you move forward – Reduce the need for outside counsel & second opinions
  • Compliance: Requirements including; rules for pleading
  • References to section of Rules of Professional Conduct & Paralegal Rules of Conduct– Simplifies researching particular legal points
  • MS Word templates are fillable, customizable, downloadable, and safe

A Must-Have for;

Solo practitioners, full-service firms including lawyers, paralegals, and associates drafting case documents in any jurisdiction

Document-drafting Clerks

Educational Institutions

Release date:January 29, 2023
Last updated:January 24, 2023
Current version:1.0
File format:ZIP
Requirements:MS WORD
Price:$899.00 $499.00 CAD