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Small Claims Pro 3

by ATTORNEX in on March 31, 2023

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When you need to prepare documents for Small Claims Court ATTORNEX templated documents is a great starting point. Templates range from plaintiff’s claims, defence to memorandum and trial examination questions. It’s a great tool for any Small Claims Practitioners collection.

Each case is unique but these 80+ templates take advantage of standard similarities, giving Small Claims Practitioners more time for intellectual legal processes. It’s a great tool for any Small Claims Practitioners collection.

  • Plaintiff Claim for Breach of Bailment
  • Plaintiff Claim for Breach of Contract
  • Plaintiff Claim for Door-to-Door Sale/HVAC and Home Service Contract
  • Plaintiff Claim for Home Insurance Coverage for Sudden/Accidental Damage
  • Plaintiff Claim for Home Renovation and Property Damage
  • Plaintiff Claim for Home Renovation Contractor Regarding Services Rendered Unpaid Invoice
  • Plaintiff Claim for Interior Design
  • Plaintiff Claim for Investment Misrepresentation
  • Plaintiff Claim for Logistics Property Damage
  • Plaintiff Claim for Mechanic Failed Repairs
  • Plaintiff Claim for Misrepresentation
  • Plaintiff Claim For Misuse of GoFundMe Campaign Funds
  • Plaintiff Claim for Repair and Storage Liens
  • Plaintiff Claim for Roof Repair and Property Damage
  • Plaintiff Claim for Sale of Goods
  • Plaintiff Claim for Sale of Motor Vehicle Regarding Non-Disclosure of Mechanical or Structural Defect
  • Plaintiff Claim for Unpaid Invoice
  • Defence for Assignment of Debt
  • Defence for Credit Card Debt
  • Defence for Excavator Property Damage
  • Defence for HVAC Property Damage
  • Defence – General 
  • Defence for Patent – Latent Defect
  • Settlement Conference Memorandum for Assignment of Debt
  • Settlement Conference Memorandum for Breach of Contract
  • Settlement Conference Memorandum for Credit Reporting Negligence
  • Settlement Conference Memorandum for Home Renovation and Property Damage Representing Homeowner
  • Settlement Conference Memorandum for Mechanic Failed Repairs
  • Settlement Conference Memorandum for Unpaid Invoice
  •  Chief Examination Questions for Defendant Regarding Credit Card Debt – Bank – Collection Agency
  • Chief Examination Questions for Homeowner Regarding Home Renovation & Property Damage
  •  Chief Examination Questions for Homeowner Regarding Misrepresentation of Home Service Contract
  •  Chief Examination Questions – Expert Witness
  •  Cross Examination Questions for Bank
  • Cross Examination Questions for Collection Agency
  • Cross Examination Questions for Contractor Home Renovation & Property Damage
  • Cross Examination Questions for Mechanic Regarding Failed Repairs
  • Cross Examination Questions of Expert Witness
  • Examination Questions for Corporate Debtor
  • Examination Questions for Personal Debtor
  • Examination Questions, Small Claims Court
  • Standard Letter Regarding Misrepresentation False, Misleading or Deceptive Representation
  • Standard Letter Regarding Veterinarian Malpractice
  •  Standard Letter to Car Dealership Regarding Vehicle Purchase Misrepresentation
  • Standard Letter to Client Prior to Trial Outlining Risk
  • Standard Letter to Client Regarding Proposed Offer to Settle
  •  Standard Letter to Contractor Regarding Faulty Workmanship
  •  Standard Letter to Credit Reporting Agency Regarding Inaccuracies
  •  Standard Letter to Customs and Border Protection Regarding Offence Notice and Penalty Assessment
  •  Standard Letter to door-to-door home service company regarding misrepresentation and replacement of HVAC System
  •  Standard Letter to Landlord Regarding Illegal Rent Increase
  •  Standard Letter to Mechanic Regarding Negligent Repairs
  •  Standard Letter to Opposing Party Regarding Improper Jurisdiction
  •  Standard Letter with Settlement Parameters and Minutes of Settlement
  • Submissions for Credit Card Defence
  • Submissions for Mechanic Failed Repairs
  • Notice of Motion To Stay Proceedings – Arbitration Notice of Motion To Set Aside Noting In Default
  • And more…


  • Chronological sequence  clear writing style – no ‘legalese’ or formalisms
  • Templated Documents – Persuasive arguments & damages with legal requirements & consequences of fact.
  • Annotations to help you move forward – Reduce the need for outside counsel & second opinions
  • Compliance: Requirements including; rules for pleading in the Rules of Small Claims Court -Ontario
  • References to section of statutes & Small Claims Rules – Simplifies researching particular legal points
  • MS Word templates are fillable, customizable, downloadable, and safe

A Must-Have for;

  • Small Claims Practitioners drafting case documents in any jurisdiction
  • Document-drafting Clerks
  • Self-represented litigants who need document-drafting assistance
  • Educational Institutions

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