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Defence for Assignment of Debt

by ATTORNEX in , on March 15, 2020

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When preparing a “Defence for Assignment of Debt” ATTORNEX “templated documents” saves valuable time. Each case is unique but these templates take advantage of standard similarities, giving “Small Claims Practitioners” more time for intellectual legal processes.  With this essential tool “Small Claims Practitioners” now have more time for client interaction.

Common defences to “Assignment of Debt” lawsuits include:

  • Non-receipt of notice of assignment.
  • Assignment not absolute.
  • Assignment not in writing as prescribed.


  • Chronological sequence  clear writing style – no ‘legalese’ or formalisms
  • Templated Documents – Persuasive arguments & damages with legal requirements & consequences of fact.
  • Annotations to help you move forward – Reduce the need for outside counsel & second opinions
  • Compliance: Requirements including; rules for pleading in the Rules of Small Claims Court -Ontario
  • References to section of statutes & Small Claims Rules – Simplifies researching particular legal points
  • MS Word templates are fillable, customizable, downloadable, and safe

A Must-Have for;

  • Small Claims Practitioners drafting case documents in any jurisdiction
  • Document-drafting Clerks
  • Self-represented litigants who need document-drafting assistance
  • Educational Institutions

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