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Small Claims Automated

by ATTORNEX in , , , , , , , , on August 28, 2023

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Transform Your Civil Litigation Practice with Small Claims Automation

Get more done with Small Claims Automated. The traditional method to claims processing is exceedingly time-consuming and error prone. Automation takes these drawbacks out of the equation. When a claim needs to be populated, select the matter, fill in the fields and you will have a fully completed claim. Generate claims in minutes – not hours.

Standardize Your Small Claims Process

Small Claims Automated provides the fields you need and standardized pre-built claims. While every individual case has a unique set of facts, many times, similar types of matters have similar sets of requirements. Whether you’re handling breach of contract disputes, property damage claims, or other types of lawsuits, Small Claims Automated makes it easy to generate claims with standardized pre-build claims, defence, motions, trial examination questions, and more.

MS Word Integration

Our system smoothly integrates with Microsoft Word, so you can effortlessly edit and format generated claims within the familiar MS Word environment. This ensures that your documents maintain the professional appearance you desire.


Get more done with Small Claims Automated. Automatically populate court documents, and when they’re ready, you can print. Documents are generated in PDF or Word Document format.

Question-to-Answer Technology for Guided Completion:

Effortless for You and Your Clients

Our claims processing system simplifies the small claims process, ensuring you no longer lose clients due to slow processing times. It’s compatible with your existing desktop or laptop allowing legal practitioners to access claims from a single, user-friendly interface. Small Claims Automation offers full automation, making it the first system to standardize small claims pleadings, resulting in quicker turnaround times and the ability to handle larger workloads with ease. Say goodbye to errors caused by manual claim entry; our system ensures information is clear and concise.

Your Time Matters

As a civil litigator, your time is precious. Small Claims Automation empowers you to generate claims in minutes, not hours, allowing you to focus on your clients and cases instead of tedious paperwork.

Addressing Pain Points with Small Claims Automation:

  • Automate: Eliminate manual data entry and automate small claims processes, reducing errors and costs.
  • Streamline: Automatically trigger case openings and small claim creation.
  • Transform: Reduce cycles and time, expedite payments, and enhance client satisfaction while increasing your firm’s profitability.

Simplified Compliance:

  • Compliance: Requirements including; rules for pleading in the Rules of Small Claims Court -Ontario
  • References to section of statutes & Small Claims Rules – Simplifies researching particular legal points

A Necessity for:

  • Modern Legal Professionals: Embrace a paradigm shift in document creation. ATTORNEX empowers you to disengage from mundane tasks and dedicate your skills to high-level legal strategizing.
  • Solo Practitioners: Amplify your efficacy as an independent practitioner. ATTORNEX stands as your virtual assistant, enabling you to handle a greater caseload without compromising quality.
  • Educators: Equip students with exposure to the forefront of legal technology. ATTORNEX prepares them for a legal landscape where automation is the driving force.

Comprehensive Pre-Build Legal Document Repository:

  • Plaintiff Claim for Breach of Bailment(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim for Breach of Contract(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim for Door-to-Door Sale/HVAC and Home Service Contract(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim for Home Insurance Coverage for Sudden/Accidental Damage(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim for Home Renovation and Property Damage(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim for Home Renovation Contractor Regarding Services Rendered Unpaid Invoice(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim for Interior Design(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim for Investment Misrepresentation(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim for Logistics Property Damage(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim for Mechanic Failed Repairs(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim for Misrepresentation(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim For Misuse of GoFundMe Campaign Funds(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim for Repair and Storage Liens(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim for Roof Repair and Property Damage(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim for Sale of Goods(Automated)
  • Plaintiff Claim for Sale of Motor Vehicle Regarding Non-Disclosure of Mechanical or Structural Defect(Automated)**
  • Plaintiff Claim for Unpaid Invoice(Automated)
  • Defence for Assignment of Debt(Automated)
  • Defence for Credit Card Debt(Automated)
  • Defence for Excavator Property Damage(Automated)
  • Defence for HVAC Property Damage(Automated)
  • Defence – General (Automated)
  • Defence for Patent – Latent Defect(Automated)

Notice of Motion To Stay Proceedings

Arbitration Notice of Motion To Set Aside Noting In Default(Automated)

Notice of Libel

  •  Chief Examination Questions for Defendant Regarding Credit Card (Automated)Debt – Bank – Collection Agency(Automated)
  • Chief Examination Questions for Homeowner Regarding Home Renovation & Property Damage(Automated)
  •  Chief Examination Questions for Homeowner Regarding Misrepresentation of Home Service Contract(Automated)
  •  Chief Examination Questions – Expert Witness(Automated)
  •  Cross Examination Questions for Bank(Automated)
  • Cross Examination Questions for Collection Agency(Automated)
  • Cross Examination Questions for Contractor Home Renovation & Property Damage(Automated)
  • Cross Examination Questions for Mechanic Regarding Failed Repairs(Automated)
  • Cross Examination Questions of Expert Witness(Automated)
  • Examination Questions for Corporate Debtor(Automated)
  • Examination Questions for Personal Debtor(Automated)
  • Examination Questions, Small Claims Court(Automated)
  • Standard Letter Regarding Misrepresentation False, Misleading or Deceptive Representation
  • Standard Letter Regarding Veterinarian Malpractice
  •  Standard Letter to Car Dealership Regarding Vehicle Purchase Misrepresentation
  • Standard Letter to Client Prior to Trial Outlining Risk
  • Standard Letter to Client Regarding Proposed Offer to Settle
  •  Standard Letter to Contractor Regarding Faulty Workmanship
  •  Standard Letter to Credit Reporting Agency Regarding Inaccuracies
  •  Standard Letter to Customs and Border Protection Regarding Offence Notice and Penalty Assessment
  •  Standard Letter to door-to-door home service company regarding misrepresentation and replacement of HVAC System
  •  Standard Letter to Landlord Regarding Illegal Rent Increase
  •  Standard Letter to Mechanic Regarding Negligent Repairs
  •  Standard Letter to Opposing Party Regarding Improper Jurisdiction
  •  Standard Letter with Settlement Parameters and Minutes of Settlement
  • Submissions for Credit Card Defence(Automated)
  • Submissions for Mechanic Failed Repairs(Automated)
  • Settlement Conference Memorandum for Assignment of Debt
  • Settlement Conference Memorandum for Breach of Contract
  • Settlement Conference Memorandum for Credit Reporting Negligence
  • Settlement Conference Memorandum for Home Renovation and Property Damage Representing Homeowner
  • Settlement Conference Memorandum for Mechanic Failed Repairs
  • Settlement Conference Memorandum for Unpaid Invoice

Upgrade your civil litigation practice with Small Claims Automation and experience the future of efficient, error-free small claims processing.

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