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by ATTORNEX in on June 25, 2024

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Ready to Automate Your Small Claims Practice with Clio Integration?

Small Claims Processing System – the first system to automate small claims pleadings.

In Clio Manage, you can streamline your matter creation process by using matter templates. These templates come with pre-established information that will automatically fill in when initiating a new matter. This functionality reduces the time spent inputting routine data during matter creation, promoting consistency across newly generated matters. Simply choose the relevant matter, input the necessary details, and watch as a fully completed claim effortlessly emerges. Transform hours of work into mere minutes with our streamlined process.

Standardize everything with pre-build claims

Automation Made Easy!

Breach of Contract, Home Repair, Loan, Property Damage and more.

While every individual case has a unique set of facts, similar types of matters often share common requirements. Whether you’re dealing with breach of contract disputes, property damage claims, or other lawsuits, the Claim Processing System makes it easy to generate claims with standardized pre-built templates. Our system provides you with the necessary fields and templates to efficiently generate claims.

Integration Made Easy

Seamless Integration: Streamlining Claim Processing with Clio Merge Tags!

Our claim processing system integrates with Clio. Why struggle with a multitude of redundant and invasive business applications when you can have everything consolidated into one? Create high-quality claims that are more centralized for the entire firm, with all documents accessible from one place.

Effortless for YOU and CLIENTS

A system that streamlines the claim process, so you can stop losing clients due to slow processing time.

  • Compatible application – designed to work with Clio Manage.
  • Case management system integration – access the claim from a single interface.
  • Full automation – the first system to standardize civil litigation pleadings.
  • Quicker turnaround time – streamlined claim process that does the work for you
  • Handle larger workloads – save time by avoiding document collection, repeat client consultations, excess documentation, and more!
  • Fewer errors – information is clear and concise; never type out a claim manually again
  • Plaintiff Claim for Breach of Bailment
  • Plaintiff Claim for Breach of Contract
  • Plaintiff Claim for Door-to-Door Sale/HVAC and Home Service Contract
  • Plaintiff Claim for Home Renovation and Property Damage
  • Plaintiff Claim for Logistics Property Damage
  • Plaintiff Claim for Property Damage Caused By Tenant
  • Plaintiff Claim for Logistics Demurrage
  • Plaintiff Claim for Mechanic Failed Repairs
  • Plaintiff Claim for Roof Repair and Property Damage
  • Plaintiff Claim for Sale of Goods
  • Plaintiff Claim for Sale of Motor Vehicle Regarding Non-Disclosure of Mechanical or Structural Defect
  • Plaintiff Claim for Unpaid Invoice
  • General Defence
  • Defence for Excavator Property Damage Defence
  • Defence for Credit Card
  • Motion To Set Aside Noting In Default

As a small claims practioner, your time is valuable – Generate claims in minutes – not hours.

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    June 25, 2024

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    June 25, 2024

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    Matter Templates; Merge Tags

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    Clio Manage

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