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by ATTORNEX in , , , on March 28, 2021

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When you need to prepare documents for the Landlord and Tenant Board ATTORNEX templated documents is a great starting point. Templates range from pleadings to memorandum and trial examination questions.

LTB Pro is designed for landlord-tenant practitioners to streamline their processes in Landlord and Tenant Board proceedings. It provides comprehensive templates for various aspects of landlord-tenant disputes, including illegal entry, lock changes, interference with the tenant’s reasonable enjoyment, and landlord breaches of maintenance obligations, such as repairs, renovations, pest control, flood damage, and flooring. The templates also cover situations where the behavior of the tenant or someone living or visiting with the tenant has seriously impaired the safety of another person in the residential complex, or has willfully damaged the rental unit or the residential complex.

✅Efficient Solutions for:

✅Maintenance Issues

✅Interference with Reasonable Enjoyment

✅Property Damage

✅Illegal Entry

✅Change of Locks

✅Eviction Proceedings

LTB Pro provides templates for case management memorandum and examination questions and submissions, ensuring that all relevant information is included in the hearing memorandum and that the evidence is presented in a clear and organized manner. The templates also offer a structured approach for presenting evidence, making it easier for practitioners to handle cases related to maintenance issues, property damage, and interference with reasonable enjoyment. Whether representing tenants or landlords, LTB Pro provides efficient solutions for these and other aspects of landlord-tenant disputes.     


  • Chronological sequence  clear writing style – no ‘legalese’ or formalisms
  • Templated Documents – Persuasive arguments & damages with legal requirements & consequences of fact.
  • Annotations to help you move forward – Reduce the need for outside counsel & second opinions
  • Compliance: Requirements including; rules for pleading in the Rules of Landlord and Tenant Board -Ontario
  • MS Word templates are fillable, customizable, downloadable, and safe

A Must-Have for;

  • Landlord-Tenant Practitioners drafting case documents in any jurisdiction
  • Document-drafting Clerks
  • Self-represented litigants who need document-drafting assistance
  • Educational Institutions

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